About This Site

So what’s the deal here? Why old TV tickets?

We find them interesting. They’re a relic of old TV shows…in the case of some shows, darn near the only relic. They help place shows in the context of their times, telling us exactly when they were taped, filmed or performed live. They tell us where that happened…even at what time of day. Some of them also look neat.

Are the tickets on this website for sale?

No.  We don’t sell old tickets.  We also don’t sell new tickets.  We don’t sell tickets at all.  Try eBay.  People there will buy and sell anything.

I have some old tickets I found in a drawer somewhere.  What will you give me for them?

Almost nothing.  We rarely buy tickets and when we do, we don’t pay much for them.  Again, try eBay where everything’s for sale.  On the other hand, if you’d like to send us scans of those tickets and allow us to post them on this site to share with the world, that would be lovely.  Our contact e-mail is below.

How much are my old tickets worth?

We haven’t the foggiest.  They’re worth whatever someone will pay for them, we guess.  The price of old tickets is not something that interests us in the slightest.

Do you own all the tickets on this site?

No.  We own some of them.  Other images have been donated to us by friends and other folks interested in TV history.  Again, if you have scans of old TV tickets and you’d like to share them with the world, send them to the address we’ll give you in a minute.

Are all the tickets posted on this site authentic?

If by that you mean, “Are they all real tickets printed to grant admission to a TV show or radio program?” then the answer is yes.  However, we sometimes do a bit of Photoshop reconstruction on the images to make them sharper or to repair damage.

Okay, what’s your e-mail address?

The address is [email protected].  NOTE: That address has been encoded to foil those who collect e-mail addresses for spamming purposes. If you can’t read it in your browser, address your mail to me*oldtvtickets.com but replace the asterisk with an “@” sign.  And if you’d like to send us something via old-fashioned postal mail, please use this address.

Please note that all ticket scans submitted to this site become our property to do any silly thing we want with them.

Can I link to this wonderful site?

Absolutely…though we can’t promise we’ll return the favor.  But we will appreciate it and perhaps you’ll want to copy this banner and use it on your webpage…

Lastly, who is responsible for this site?

Glad you asked that!  www.oldtvtickets.com is operated by Mark Evanier, who also operated www.newsfromme.com and other sites, some of which are plugged in its margins and the margins on this site. It’s hosted by the fine folks at Dreamhost.  All rights in the text material are reserved and may not be reproduced, except for Fair Use excerpts, without permission.

Thanks for visiting.  Hope you enjoy all the stuff here and that you’ll also visit our sister websites.