Window Shopping

Darn little is known about the game show Window Shopping.  As of this moment, it isn’t even mentioned in the Internet Movie Database.  We know it debuted on ABC on April 2, 1962 and went off the following June 29.  Bob Kennedy was the host and the way it worked was that three contestants would be shown a photo and would have to remember as many details as they could, then describe what they had seen.  They won points for every detail they could give without duplicating an opponent’s response.  At the end, the player with the most points won and he or she had those points converted into seconds.  They could that study a window of prizes for that many seconds, then they would face away from the window and describe the prizes.  Every prize they described, they would take home…and if they remembered one prize in particular, the name of which the host had in an envelope, they’d take home all the prizes.

That was the game.  How was the show?  Who knows?  No one seems to have watched it, no one seems to remember it and no one seems to have a copy of an episode…a sad fate for a series that was all about being observant and remembering what you saw.